07-30-08 – I blew it tonight

I guess I have to say that the evil little voice won today’s little battle.  I was saying in last night’s post that the voice was being vocal, and it was even more so today.  I was hungry all day long.  I don’t think it was physical hunger, but rather it was psychological hunger.  2000 calories a day is plenty of food.  For dinner tonight I had take-out Chinese.  Egg roll, pork egg foo young, and hot-and-sour soup.  I’m not sure how many calories that is.  All I know right now is that I’m nauseous.  Let that be a lesson to you, bad boy!!

I may have a theory as to why that evil little voice inside me has been so vocal.  I just looked over my food logs for the entire month of July, and here’s the score – Me, 26 days of staying on eating plan – Evil little voice, 4 days where I deviated from eating plan.  26 to 4!  If a major league pitcher amassed that kind of record for a season, he’d be a shoo-in for the Cy Young Award!  I think the voice is being more vocal because it’s not accustomed to me winning the daily battles!  But that’s the way it’s going to be, because I am getting accustomed to winning the daily battles, and I like winning the daily battles, and I’m not feeling very good about my loss today.

Nevertheless, 26 to 4 is a good record.  It’s not a perfect record, but it does provide me some encouragement to look back and see that it’s been a pretty good month.  I also know, by looking at the weight chart I’m keeping, that 13 of the 28 pounds I’ve lost since the end of March were lost in July.  OK, now I’m feeling even worse about tonight.  But, the only thing I can do is get right back on the bandwagon, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do.  I’m going to keep winning, even though I lost today.  Onward and forward!!

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One Response to 07-30-08 – I blew it tonight

  1. nukemshootemall says:

    Mr. P,

    I Blew It Tonight! I knew you were going to; I saw it coming!

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